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  In-game Commands

  /kit - shows all kits available to you
  /kit <kitname> - Claims that kit


  /Remove - Will let you remove items and buildings you have placed/built yourself

  Private Messaging

  /pm <username> <message> - Private message a player.

  /r <message> - Replies to the last person that PMed you.

  /c <message> - Sends a message to your clan members only


  /tpr <username> - asks for a tp to the specified person

  /tpa - To accept a Teleport request
  /sethome <name> - sets a home

  /home <name> - teleports you to your home

  /listhomes - gives you a list of all your sethomes

  /removehome <name> - removes a saved home/clan


  /clan - displays info on your current clan

  /clan create "tag" "description" - Creates a new clan

  /clan invite <playername> - Invites a player to join your clan

  /clan join "tag" - Joins a clan you have been invited to

  /clan kick <playername> - Kicks a member from your clan

  /clan promote <playername> - Promotes a member to Moderator

  /clan demote <playername> - Demotes a moderator to member

  /clan leave - leaves your current clan

  /clan disband forever - Disbands your clan (no undo)


  /ad - Turnd off Auto Doors

  /ad 8 - Sets Auto doors back to on

  Auto Building Grades

  Allows to automatically update building parts to any grade just after you build it (using   building plan)

  /bgrade - help in-game, with display current mode.

  /bgrade 1 - auto update to wood

  /bgrade 2 - auto update to stone

  /bgrade 3 - auto update to metal

  /bgrade 4 - auto update to armoured

  /bgrade 0 - disable auto update


  /friend add <playername>

  /friend remove <playername>


  $20 are earned every 10 mins and Reward points are 1 every hour of playtime

  you can exchange your $ for reward points in the shop

  /s - To view the shop


  Step 1. use /vote to show you the link for voting for pure survival

  Step 2. Visit the webpage specified and vote

  Step 3. use /vote - to claim you points

  step 4. use /voterewards -  to see all available reward

  step 5. use /voterewards <id> - 1 2 or 3 to claim your rewards


  Website www.ukrustybucket.co.uk

  VoteSite https://rust-servers.net/server/75441/