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  Useful Things to know & Tips

  Players ask about the rules and one that is always coming up is what is griefing? So here I will explain a little   about this rule.

  You are not allowed to block other players from using there base this means you are not allowed to build in   there base if you build to get access to some area when raiding this must be removed once you have finished   raiding.

  You are not allowed to put code locks on there doors so they are unable to get in or out of there base you
  may put a lock on whilst raiding but this must be removed before you leave.

  There is no reason what so ever to destroy a players furnaces, research table, fixing table unless it is
  stopping you from entering an area within that base whilst raiding if we see a player destroying everything
  in the base when there is no need to you will be kicked. You are there to loot a players base that is what
  raiding is destroying furnaces and fixing table is not raiding that is just being not very sporting.

  If you would like ideas of builds and more tips checkout our forum.


  I hope you enjoy playing our server if you have any questions you can either ask in the forum or message me

  by adding me on steam PURESharon or by using our teamspeak ts.ukrustybucket.co.uk or you can

  Email me sharon@puresurvival.co.uk

   Or          jaguar@puresurvival.co.uk